01 May dossier submission deadline for product authorisation applications: L(+) lactic acid and Propan-1-ol

March 08, 2019

01 May 2019 is the date for approval of the following active substances:

  • L (+) Lactic Acid CAS No 79-33-4 for PTs 2, 3 and 4
  • Propan-1-ol CAS No 71-23-8 in Product Types (PT) 1, 2 and 4.

For products containing these substances (either alone or in a mixture with already approved substances) to stay on the EU market, 01 May is also the date by which dossiers must be submitted to a Competent Authority for evaluation.

Although there's less than 2 months remaining to the deadline, submitting a dossier is still potentially feasible!

Transitional registrations

Whilst transitional registrations are still being accepted by some Member States, such as France and Germany, others such as Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, are now closed to transitional applications for products for which the BPR deadline is 01 May 2019.

TSG Consulting can help

Our team of in-house specialists can help you make the 1 May deadline. Our experts can undertake everything that is needed to compile a biocidal product dossier including human health and environmental risk assessments, efficacy, toxicology as well as IUCLID and SPC.




Juncal Caubilla-Barron

Consultant, Efficacy Specialist


Colin Davies

Senior Toxicologist, TSG Consulting


Simon Scarrott

Human Health Risk Assessment Specialist


Mathew Jackson

Ecotoxicologist and Biocides Consultant


Next steps

If you need help writing and submitting a product dossier, a transitional registration, or have a question about the impending deadline, please get in touch.

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