2019 update to the FRAC MOA Poster and FRAC Code List now available

August 13, 2019

The Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) has published the 2019 updates to the FRAC Mode of Action (MOA) Poster and the FRAC Code List. Both documents are now available for download.

The FRAC Code List 2019 lists fungicide active ingredients used in plant protection, according to their mode of action and resistance risk.

The FRAC MOA Poster classifies fungal control agents by cross-resistance pattern and mode of action. In addition to mitigating resistance risk in agricultural practices, the poster also helps companies manage resistance risk when integrating new molecules into product development work for new solutions.

Recently, new resistance management recommendations have been made for Quinone inside Inhibitors (QiI), specifically cyazofamid and amisulbrom. As a result, other QiI of the same group (fenpicoxamid) are being monitored.

Recommendations are to apply these fungicides preventively and in a mixture with effective partners such as multi-site or other non-cross resistant fungicides. To protect grapevines and potato crops against Plasmapora viticola and Phytophtora infestans respectively, it is recommended to apply a maximum of 50% of the total number of intended applications for disease control, not to exceed 4 QiI fungicides sprays (3 in areas of high resistance) during one crop cycle.

Download the recommendations for cyazofamid and amisulbrom here and for fenpicoxamid here.

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