General Food Law Diagnostic

Engage TSG Consulting to undertake an analysis of your business and ensure you are General Food Law ready and compliant before 27 March 2021.

What is the GFL?

In June 2019, the European Parliament formally adopted a new Regulation on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment model in the food chain, otherwise know as the General Food Law (GFL).

This significant piece of legislation impacts plant protection product regulation by amending the rules on confidential business information and trade secrets. It also puts significant obligations on applicants to register new regulatory studies before they begin.

How TSG can help

Through TSG Consulting’s GFL Diagnostic, we will undertake an analysis of your business to ensure it is GFL ready and compliant before 27 March 2021. We will provide a change roadmap for your business on:

  • Regulatory study management
  • Regulatory trade secrets
  • Manufacturing and supply chain

Have a question about the General Food Law?


We help clients worldwide address the technical and regulatory issues in taking their products to market in multiple jurisdictions. Our scientific expertise, regulatory knowledge and understanding of local nuances enable our clients to navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape across the globe.

Our professionals

TSG’s team of regulatory professionals and scientists offer local knowledge and established relationships with regulatory authorities in Europe, helping facilitate discussions with EFSA, Rapporteur Member States and the EU Commission. Plant protection expert Iain Watt leads a team of professionals helping companies ensure they are compliant with the GFL.

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