BCPC Congress 2022

The BCPC and TSG Forum are pleased to announce the return of The BCPC Congress on 8-9 November 2022 at the Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate.
8th - 9th Nov 2022

Following the success of last year’s live BCPC Congress in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK we are delighted to be returning to the same venue on 8-9 November 2022.

The programme committee has developed an exciting programme with authoritative speakers presenting on the theme:

Providing policy and regulatory support for multi-functional UK agriculture

UK agriculture has three key deliverables:

  • To produce adequate supplies of healthy food to contribute to UK food security;
  • To support environmental initiatives which benefit global food production including:
    biodiversity, conservation, rewilding and environmental land management;
  • To contribute to UK net carbon zero targets.

What is UK agriculture doing to meet these goals and what more can be done in light of current political issues and international trade on arable crop production?

What is Government doing to provide guidance, funding and regulatory support so that these deliverables can be achieved?

The sessions in this year’s Congress will aim to tackle the challenges and provide some solutions and insight into a way forward for UK agriculture.

They will include:

  • The implications of biodiversity and carbon capture initiatives on global food production
  • The impact of the EU Farm to Fork strategy on food production, yields and self-sufficiency
  • Environmental Land Management – How do we ensure there will be enough arable land in the future?
  • What effect are current geopolitical issues and international trade having on our arable crop production and food security?
  • Developments and challenges in the Plant Protection sector – where is the Brexit bonus?
  • Prospects for integrated weed management, diseases and pest control – what does the future hold?
  • Is the global position for glyphosate improving?
  • Bioprotectants – why is Europe lagging behind in adopting natural substances as plant protection agents?
  • Protecting our water sources from pesticides and nutrients.

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Dr Roslyn Henry (University of Aberdeen)
  • Janet Williams (Bayer)
  • Jonathan Baker (Defra)
  • Nick von Westenholz (NFU)
  • Richard Daniel (CRD)
  • Sheridawn Schoeman (Corteva Agriscience)
  • Dave Bench (CropLife UK)
  • Richard Bishop (TSG)
  • Barrie Hunt (Gowan Crop Protection)
  • David Ellerton (H L Hutchinson)
  • Jon Knight (Independent Consultant)
  • Mark Hall (MKH Farming)
  • Phil Jarvis (Voluntary Initiative)
  • Rachel Irving (Defra Pesticide Hub)

Delegates on Day Two will hear an update from Richard Daniels (Director of CRD) on CRD’s Biocides-Pesticides Transformation Programme and participate in HSE Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) IPM workshop.

Browse the full programme now or have a look at the full list of confirmed speakers. Alternatively, head over to register now!

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