Plant Protection Products Regulation

The Plant Protection Products Regulation (EU) No. 1107/2009 came into force on June 14, 2011, and lays down the rules and procedures for the placing of plant protection products, including biopesticides, onto the market within the EU.

TSG can help

  • We offer a wealth of expertise, gained from industry, government, and research providing you with effective support and guidance for ensuring and gaining regulatory compliance for active substances and plant protection products
  • Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, regulatory and registration specialists allows us to provide support across a diversity of areas, including study monitoring, task force management, dossier preparation, and CADDY services
  • We have a proven record of achieving numerous successful regulatory outcomes with applications for new active substances and renewals of existing active substances (under the AIR programmes)
  • We are experienced in all types of product authorizations (renewals under Art. 43, zonal applications under Art. 33, national authorizations and mutual recognitions)
  • We have extensive experience in dealing with regulators and with our network of regional offices, we continue to provide an extensive pan-European product registration service
  • We have an extensive pan-European infrastructure with offices in France, Spain, Germany and the UK offering focused, local registration support
  • We have been actively assessing the impact that the differing Brexit scenarios will have on plant protection regulations following the UK's decision to leave the EU. We are in a strong position to advise clients on the actions they may need to take in order to secure and maintain product authorisations
  • We provide strong and proactive project management to ensure that our clients’ needs are identified and met in a timely manner
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