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TSG Consulting helps clients navigate business-critical risks around the world, by providing expertise and insight in science and product regulations. Our experts are industry-leaders in environmental science, human health, chemistry and regulatory affairs. They apply their expertise to products and chemical substances in the crop protection, antimicrobial, biocide, industrial, consumer, food and beverage, pet food and animal feed sectors. This depth of knowledge, combined with country-specific experience, sees us addressing a wide range of regulatory and compliance challenges – wherever clients need our support. Meticulous, agile and commercially focused, we provide every client with science-led expertise and insight – helping them navigate evolving markets and a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

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At TSG, our diverse team offers customized solutions, leveraging regulatory and scientific expertise, to effectively address your unique business challenges.

How we support you

Strong teams

Our consultants combine regulatory and scientific expertise in areas including environmental science, human health and chemistry. They bring years of exceptional experience, with many coming from senior positions within the chemical industry, regulatory bodies or leading consultancies. It’s from this pool of expertise that we build teams to suit your specific project – from early-stage product development to on-going regulatory and compliance support.

Industry leading people

Because of the quality of regulatory work we do and calibre of clients we work for, we attract stellar talent to TSG. Highly experienced consultants who are renowned in diverse fields like toxicology, environmental fate and chemical residues. For you this means working directly with industry leaders capable of delivering smart, timely solutions to complex, business-critical challenges.

Problem solving

Our unique blend of science, regulatory expertise and industry experience means we can tackle the most complex challenges for products and chemical substances in the crop protection, antimicrobial, biocide, industrial, consumer, food and beverage, pet food and animal feed sectors. We take a rigorous, meticulous approach that’s backed with strong commercial understanding. We relish the challenge of getting to grips with our client’s business issues and navigating complex regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

Global reach

We work across Europe and North America. In Europe we have experts spread across the EU and UK. In the US and Canada, we have professionals at both the Federal and State level that can help you navigate diverse regulatory regimes. This kind of local expertise allows us to help clients obtain, or renew, approvals for products and chemicals in Europe, the US, or multiple territories at once.

Project delivery

Our powerful project management systems are a match for the best in the industry. We have the people skills and platforms in place to make sure projects are resourced properly and run smoothly. We can also deliver science-based risk assessments and insights in a way that’s relevant and understandable – bringing added clarity to projects, and confidence in final outcomes.

Science breadth

We are part of Science Group, an international science-based, technology consulting and products business. This means we can draw on a breadth of scientific expertise within TSG and from the wider Science Group network. Whether it’s a sustainability consultant, R&D chemist or local language expert, we have the specialist that’s right for your specific project.

Why trust and believe us?

Part of Science Group

TSG has the robust financial backing of Science Group, a UK listed business with revenue in excess of £113 million. With five operating divisions and a global client base in over 100 countries, Science Group has delivered consistent growth for shareholders for over a decade.

Right size, right team

With over 100 consultants and support staff, TSG is uniquely positioned in the chemical regulations market. Sitting between larger non-specialist advisory firms and smaller, niche players, TSG is perfectly sized. We have the international reach and capabilities to meet the needs of global projects alongside the agility of a smaller company to respond to specific client needs. We build trusted partnerships between experts and businesses, and the length of many of our client relationships is testament to our commitment to getting this right.

Strong track record

We are very proud of our 34-year track record, helping clients around the world address regulatory challenges. Our clients include a wide range of businesses from chemical product manufacturers to global brands where a chemical is a component in their products. The length and strength of many of these relationships is critical to success – enabling us to develop a deep understanding of each client’s products and business drivers in a constantly changing regulatory and commercial environment.

About Science Group

Science Group is an international science, engineering and technology (“SET”) business providing a range of services to the medical, defence, industrial, food & beverage and consumer sectors, supplemented by a strategic products division where the Group holds leading market positions in associated technology sectors.

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