For almost 30 years in the US and 20 years in Europe, TSG has provided companies around the world with regulatory consulting and scientific expertise. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in the core sciences and public policy decisions that are used to structure and implement regulations governing the manufacture, use, and marketing of chemicals and chemical products. By combining this knowledge with our industry experience, we provide companies with comprehensive services from the early stages of product development to marketplace entry and ongoing compliance.

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Markets & expertise


Addressing issues of product development, marketplace entry, and ongoing regulatory compliance for plant protection and health products including pesticides, fertilizers, amending materials, biostimulants, and organic input materials.


Helping industrial and specialty chemical companies understand the approval process, import/export and reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions including the EU (REACH & biocide regulations), US (TSCA and Proposition 65) and Asia-Pacific.


We provide services to a number of consumer product sectors. These include food & beverage, biocides, cosmetics, personal care, electronics, apparel, and household cleaning supplies. 


Working with companies manufacturing medical devices, over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, and veterinary drugs to demonstrate the appropriate safety and efficacy criteria needed to obtain approval and market their products.


With backgrounds in biological sciences, toxicology, ecotoxicology, chemistry, public policy, and regulatory affairs, TSG creates blended teams of scientists and regulatory experts to successfully meet our client's objectives.

Our professionals

Diverse professionals from a variety of backgrounds including industry, academia, research, and government. Our professionals are active members of various trade organizations, have strong working relationships with regulators, and are participants in scientific professional organizations.

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TSG Forum provides the regulatory community with high-quality conferences, training, and associated events. Spanning different chemical sectors and scientific disciplines, our events are designed specifically to meet the changing needs of the regulatory community.

What's new?

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29 June 2018

The challenges of cosmetic product safety assessment – data compilation

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06 June 2018

Regulatory challenges of customized cosmetic products

Increasingly, consumers are personalizing their cosmetic products (i.e. choosing ingredients and concentrations) according to...

06 June 2018

About Science Group

Science Group offers independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Its specialist companies, Sagentia, Oakland Innovation, OTM Consulting, Leatherhead Food Research and TSG Consulting collaborate closely with their clients in key vertical markets to deliver clear returns on technology and R&D investments.