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EU biocide and endocrine disruptor assessments – Key considerations for compliance

  As of September 2017, the European Union’s biocides product legislation includes a requirement to assess...
December 10, 2019

Amendment to the European Regulation (EC) No 2017/542 covering poison centre notifications, and adoption of the 14th ATP to CLP

A new draft Commission Regulation, amending Annex VIII to the Classification Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation...
November 29, 2019

Medical devices – What to include in non-clinical bench performance testing

As a former Lead Reviewer at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr Om Singh often observed incomplete test...
October 30, 2019

France publishes two decrees restricting the use of certain biocidal products

Two decrees were recently published in the Official Journal of the French Republic establishing restrictions on...
September 05, 2019

EPA publishes long-awaited FAQ for Series 810 Guidelines related to antimicrobial product performance efficacy tests

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently published the long-awaited Frequently Asked Questions web...
September 05, 2019