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2019 novel coronavirus-Wuhan: EPA confirms triggering of emerging viral pathogen policy

US EPA has confirmed that the 2019 novel coronavirus-Wuhan (also 2019-nCoV) has met the conditions outlined in EPA’s...
January 27, 2020

FDA announces a list of 510(k) exempted devices as well as a final rule on premarket submissions

The United States Food and Drug Administration has made two new announcements entering into the new year. Firstly, the...
January 14, 2020

EPA Maintenance Fees & Establishment Reports for 2020

As we’ve entered the new year, please take note of the following reminders from the EPA about the new 2020...
January 02, 2020

Biopesticides – What to submit in a tolerance exemption petition

When submitting a pesticide registration package to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)...
December 23, 2019

Brexit and plant protection products

  The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) will have many implications for business. The mechanisms by...
Advisory December 14, 2019