Amazon features products under EPA’s Design for the Environment through their Climate Pledge Friendly Program

December 07, 2022

Amazon recently announced it will showcase antimicrobial products certified under EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program as part of its sustainability initiative, the Climate Pledge Friendly Program. This addition to Amazon’s website will make it easier for consumers to identify antimicrobial products that are environmentally and human-health conscious.

To be eligible for the DfE program, disinfectant products must meet specific requirements for ingredients, efficacy, and packaging. Such requirements were enacted to “minimize possible risks to human health by excluding ingredients that might have the potential to negatively impact young children, cause cancer, or have other negative effects; further protect fish and other aquatic life; minimize pollution of air or waterways and prevent harmful chemicals from being added to the land; and ensure products have no unresolved compliance, enforcement or efficacy issues.” Once the antimicrobial product is certified with the DfE logo, Amazon will highlight the product through their Climate Pledge Friendly program.

How can TSG help you?

Amazon’s inclusion of DfE certified products provides opportunities for companies to showcase their sustainable products and meet their sustainability goals. Are you interested in making your antimicrobial product DfE certified? Not sure if you meet the requirements? TSG’s team of consultants can help you navigate the program and ensure DfE compliance. Want to get started? Get in touch with us: [email protected]

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