Biocides Europe 2023

Date: 11 – 12 December 2023
Location: Vienna, Austria

TSG Consulting is a proud sponsor of Biocides Europe 2023. Join TSG’s Head of Environmental Sciences, Bruce Callow who will be presenting on 12 December.

As a sponsor of the Biocides Europe 2023 conference, TSG Consulting look forward to meeting delegates this year in Vienna.

Bruce Callow, Head of Environmental Sciences, will be presenting on 12 December. He will be speaking on environmental risk assessment for PT18 biocides based on more than 15 years’ working in this area. He will outline the main challenges and provide feedback on his experiences and also look at future developments that will have a significant impact.

If you’d like to catch up with Bruce or our regulatory biocides experts, come and visit us at our exhibition booth on 11-12 December.

Please contact us to pre-arrange a meeting with our team.

About the event

Join Chemical Watch’s 26th annual Biocides Europe conference in the beautiful city of Vienna this December. The event will provide you with the essential insights on the latest developments, challenges and next steps concerning the biocidal products regulation (BPR).

To find out more about the event, follow this link.