Biostimulants World Congress

Date: 18-21 November, 2019
Location: Barcelona, Spain


Catch TSG Consulting at the Biostimulants World Congress, where regulatory experts Samuel Poidevin, Justo Giner, Daryl Thomas and Dave Rottjakob will be manning booth #89.

Biostimulants help support the natural nutrition processes of a plant’s lifecycle, which in turn helps to boost its growth, development, and quality as well as protect it from stressors. The Biostimulants Word Congress is a leading event on agricultural biostimulants and allows delegates to get the latest scientific and technical knowledge on the subject. This year panelists will cover topics ranging from the use of biostimulants to improve yield, all the way to understanding the best practices and market trends.


How TSG can help:

Biostimulants are emerging as an increasingly important sector in the crop protection industry, and the path to market is challenging due to different states having their own rules. In the US, TSG has extensive experience working with biostimulants at the state level. In Europe, recently a new regulation has been approved which lays down the rules on EU fertilising products. The European parliament adopts it under the Regulation (EC) No. 2019/1009 and will apply from Jul 2022. 

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To find out more about the event, follow this link.