Webinar - Inert Ingredient Petitions

Date: 5 December, 2019
Time: 8:00 PST, 11:00 EST, 16:00 GMT
Duration: 60 minutes 


TSG Consulting’s Dr. Leslie Patton will discuss inert ingredients and developing a strategy for petitioning them to the EPA. The webinar:

  • Will give an overview of inerts and the various types
  • Give resources for tools and databases for searching inerts
  • Overview PRIA and submission contents
  • Discuss data requirements and the pitfalls of submission

Petitioning inert ingredients can become a lengthy and expensive process if not strategized correctly. Not only do inert ingredients have to be approved by the EPA before being added to a pesticide formulation, but each inert ingredient slated to be approved must have the correct data and justification for the application to be viewed. Understanding the complex world of inert ingredient petitions is vital in making sure that the process of applying doesn’t take longer than it has to.

Join TSG Consulting for our latest webinar, where our regulatory expert will give an overview of inert ingredients and the best way to petition them.


Dr. Leslie Patton, Senior Scientific Consultant

Who should watch the webinar?

This webinar is relevant for companies looking to market pesticidal products in the United States. This webinar may also be relevant for formulators, supply chain managers and regulatory staff.

Why watch the webinar?

Inert ingredients can be equally important as active ingredients, so understanding and strategizing the petition process for them can help to mitigate regulatory challenges down the road.

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