Reform of the EU’s General Food Law: an update on EU plant protection regulatory processes

Webinar broadcast: Wednesday 18 September 2019

Duration: 30 minutes 

TSG Consulting’s Dr Mike Carroll discusses the impact of the new EU legislation on transparency and sustainability, which reforms the EU’s General Food Law. The webinar:

  • Gives a brief outline of EU pesticide regulation process
  • Outlines the key changes related to transparency and sustainability under the General Food Law

In June, the European Parliament formally adopted a new Regulation on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment model in the food chain. From the end of March 2021, the studies and information submitted by industry in the risk assessment process will be made public. Furthermore, stakeholders and the general public will be consulted on submitted studies. Applicants may request that EFSA keeps some information confidential if it is not relevant to the assessment of safety and if they can justify that disclosing it may harm their commercial interests.

Confidential business information and trade secrets will now be a privilege and not a right as they are today. If a company loses a trade secret in Europe, it will lose it globally.

Join TSG Consulting for our latest webinar, where our regulatory experts outline the key changes under the General Food Law, as well as discuss the impact of this new regulation on companies selling their products in Europe.


Dr Mike Carroll, Principal Consultant, Plant Protection, and Dr Louis Wyness, Commercial Director, TSG Consulting

Who should watch the webinar?

The webinar is relevant for companies in the food chain that manufacture products for sale in the European Union, for example manufacturers of food contact materials and crop protection products. It is particularly relevant for agrochemical registration managers and supply chain managers.

Why watch the webinar?

The new regulation brings about significant change for the food chain. We’ll help you gain clarity on what the changes mean and the actions your company can be taking now to prepare for its implementation.

Watch the webinar here.