Pesticide devices: how to navigate US regulations and substantiate claims

Recorded live: 15 April 2020

Duration: 60 minutes

TSG Consulting’s Abigail Wacek and Dr Christine Greene discuss regulations for antimicrobial pesticide devices in the United States.

In the webinar, Abby and Chris:
• Define pesticidal devices and discuss their importance
• Lay out the regulatory landscape of devices that mitigate pests
• Introduce and discuss different types of antimicrobial pesticide devices (example: salt chlorine generators)
• Delineate jurisdiction between the FDA & EPA for devices
• Discuss how to substantiate label claims
• Discuss the challenges associated with devices


In the US, antimicrobial pesticide device registration is mostly unknown territory as there is no federal registration requirement and states each have their own individual registration processes.

Specializing in pesticide compliance and environmental health respectively, Abby and Chris will give both a regulatory and a scientific overview of pesticidal devices in the USA.


Abigail Wacek, Senior Regulatory Consultant and Christine Greene, Senior Scientific Consultant.

Moderated by Erin Tesch, Senior Vice President and Managing Director

Who should watch the webinar?

This webinar is relevant for antimicrobial pesticide device manufacturers looking to market their products in the United States, as well as supply chain managers and regulatory staff.

Why watch the webinar?

50 states means 50 ways of registering pesticidal devices. Understanding how to navigate the landscape as well as substantiating label claims is imperative to bringing devices to market. Watch TSG’s webinar to gain more clarity on how pesticide devices are regulated in the U.S.

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