Webinar - Substance ID & BPR

TSG Consulting’s Steve Buchanan discusses the importance of correct and accurate substance identification under the BPR and what the REACH experience shows us.

Broadcast live: 17 December 2019
Duration: 35 mins

Substance Identification (ID) is important for hazard and risk communication, establishing whether two or more compositions are the same, and for facilitating data sharing. It is also the basis for the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 dossier and subsequent evaluation and therefore getting it wrong can greatly impact other processes and other sections of the dossier.

Join Steve Buchanan, TSG's Senior Chemistry & REACH Consultant and former ECHA Scientific Officer, in this free webinar to find out the steps you can take to ensure as smooth an approval process as possible.

The webinar will include:
  • A background to substance identification and the importance of getting it right
  • Substance definition and ECHA guidance
  • Learnings from REACH
  • Consequences of incorrect substance identification
  • Importance of consistency of approach between BPR, REACH and CLP
  • Narrow versus broad substance identity
Steve Buchanan, Senior Chemistry & REACH Consultant
Who should watch the webinar?
The webinar is relevant to suppliers of new and existing biocidal active substances as well as producers of biocidal products.
Why watch the webinar?
Understanding more about the topics covered in this webinar will enable participants to gain clarity on substance ID and its strategic implication for BPR active substance approval, thereby facilitating a smooth dossier registration process.