Expert PFAS regulatory consultants

At TSG Consulting, we provide expert guidance and services for the management of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in compliance with global regulatory standards. Our team of chemists, environmental fate experts, toxicologists, and ecotoxicologists has years of experience in evaluating the health and environmental impacts of individual fluorinated substances.

The new proposed restriction under the EU REACH Regulation has implications for the use of over 10,000 PFAS, both in and beyond the EU. These fluorinated substances, including polymers, are the subject of global regulatory scrutiny, with new regulatory measures recently introduced in the USA. However, the proposed EU PFAS restriction goes much further.

Determining whether your products contain PFAS can be a complex task, and TSG Consulting can provide guidance every step of the way.

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PFAS services

Our scientific and regulatory experts will help you understand and navigate the emerging regulatory landscape for PFAS.

Advice and strategy development

We provide advice and strategy development for businesses concerned that regulation of PFAS will affect their products, manufacturing processes and supply chains.

Regulatory insight, technical support and advocacy

We have deep understanding of regulatory policy development and provide regulatory insight, technical support and advocacy services to affected businesses. We can help you build and make your case to the authorities as they progress their proposals to control and limit the use of PFAS.

Use mapping and regulatory management options analysis (RMOA)

Our RMOA team can examine PFAS use, as well as the health, social and economic consequences of possible regulatory measures for your business, mapping and weighing impacts and through the supply chain to help you determine your preferred strategy.

Compliance assessment

When substances are proposed for restriction under REACH and related legislation, we assess the implications of the restriction for your use and, where necessary, identify options to support ongoing compliant operations. We provide foresight on emerging requirements as PFAS regulation accelerates around the world.

PFAS substitution

We help businesses identify and assess the feasibility of potential alternative substances or technologies. Our team of scientists and engineers help define the technical function and requirements relevant to the use and assess the implications of reduced performance from substitution.

Need guidance on PFAS compliance?

Why TSG for PFAS

At TSG Consulting, we are leading experts in PFAS management. We help clients map substances in their supply chain and assess the impact of regulatory and non-regulatory changes across their inventory. We support manufacturers in ensuring compliance with authorization and restriction under EU/UK REACH, TSCA in the US and similar regulations worldwide. We connect the detail and bring the broad view into clear focus to help clients successfully navigate the regulatory landscape and stakeholder expectations.

Our experience with PFAS

TSG Consulting’s team of chemists, environmental fate experts, toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and regulatory consultants have years of experience with PFAS. From managing the Fluorocarbon REACH Consortium and providing support for fluorocarbon REACH dossiers to evaluating the health and environmental impacts of individual fluorinated substances, our team of scientists and regulatory experts are well prepared to help you identify your PFAS blind spots.

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