UK REACH compliance – Only Representative (OR) services

Substances, on their own or in mixtures, that are imported into the UK in quantities greater than 1 metric tonne per year will need to be registered with the UK Health and Safety Executive (UK HSE) unless an exemption applies. Manufacturers and formulators based outside of the UK may be disadvantaged if their UK-based customers need to register their imported products.

UK Only Representative (OR) services

By appointing a UK-based Only Representative (OR), non-UK manufacturers and formulators can relieve their UK customers of the burden by having that OR undertake a registration for their products. When this happens, UK customers will be considered as downstream users and therefore exempt from the registration obligation. TSG Consulting offers UK-based Only Representative services, grounded in experience with EU REACH since its implementation in 2007.

TSG’s Only Representative services include:

  • Providing guidance for UK REACH compliance
  • Creating and maintaining a ‘Comply with REACH’ account
  • Creating a substance inventory for the products placed on the UK Market
  • Creating a UK REACH registration timeline based on the regulatory deadlines
  • Submitting notifications for new registrations
  • Managing SIEF communications
  • Managing UK HSE communications
  • Submitting registration dossiers, when necessary
  • Undertaking annual maintenance of UK customers’ information including tonnages imported
  • Managing communications with UK customers

In addition to our OR services, TSG will provide the following UK REACH services:

  • Compliance assessments
  • Compliance strategies
  • Notification support
  • Registration support
  • Authorisation application support
  • Consortium management
  • SIEF management

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