Managing your company’s profile on CDMS and Agrian is more important than you think

March 17, 2022

You may already be familiar with Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) and Agrian, but if not, here’s a bit of background. Both CDMS and Agrian are product databases providing critical agro-chemical product information to the agricultural industry. The databases provide product label data, allowing users to access specific information on active ingredients, usage rates, safety information and manufacturers. So why should this matter to your company? 

Ensuring the information is accurate on both databases is critical for both the sale and use of these products. For any agricultural manufacturer or distributor, having accurate label information available to the public is both socially responsible and financially beneficial. When a buyer comes looking for the best pesticide to use on their crops, they’ll very likely make use of CDMS or Agrian. That said, updating and maintaining data within both systems is a time-consuming undertaking. Some companies have hundreds, if not thousands, of data points which can be a massive lift for staff.

TSG has the capabilities to assist any company looking to better manage their presence on CDMS or Agrian. Investing in management services upfront can mean long-term market visibility for your product—a benefit to you and potential buyers seeking accurate, up-to-date information.

Want to learn more about TSG’s CDMS and Agrian management services? Reach out to [email protected] and we will be glad to arrange for a time to chat with you.

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