New hires, technologies, and office for TSG North America

TSG Consulting’s North American business is benefiting from strategic investment in new technologies, new DC office space, and staff hires across its federal and state services divisions.

Strengthening the team

The new starters include three senior appointments for the federal services division. Milady Brutofsky joins as Principal Scientific Consultant specializing in Microbiology, Jonathan Walsh comes on board as Principal Regulatory Consultant, Antimicrobials, and Wendy McCombie is Principal Regulatory Consultant, Conventionals and Biopesticides. Also joining the federal services team are Regulatory Consultants Perri Moeller and Manuela Petrisor.

Our state services division is pleased to announce Patti Golick as Regulatory Consultant and Luke Cartwright as Team Leader, State Renewals. We’ve also appointed four additional Regulatory Specialists: James Bozeman, Darlene Huynh, Janessa Darke and Katrina Lalic. Together, these appointments enrich our team with wide-ranging experience and expertise encompassing antimicrobials, pesticides and more.

Modernization and improvement

The upgrade to a brand-new office suite in Washington DC has created space for the future expansion of TSG’s US federal team. We’ve also invested in modern technologies across North America, enabling us to boost efficiency and add further value to the services we offer clients.

We commissioned a state-of-the-art, custom-built database for tracking state renewal deadlines and requirements. This powerful tool allows our state office to closely monitor and respond to product status in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, ensuring timely submission of documents and data.

Alongside this, our back-office function has benefited from the rollout of a project, resource, and financial management software solution. Streamlining internal activity in this way means we can dedicate more time and energy to client-focused work.

Introducing our new team members

US Federal Services

Milady “Millie” Brutofsky, Principal Scientific Consultant

Specializing in microbiology, Millie has worked on various methods and protocols, ranging from the Legionella Protocol to the Clostridioides difficile sporicidal test method. Her core strengths lie in antimicrobial and preservation testing, virology test methods and testing, preparation and development ofefficacy data for EPA registration submission, and microbiology method development and improvement. Millie has a BS in Medical Technology from Kean University.

Jonathan Walsh, Principal Regulatory Consultant

Jonathan combines a background in chemistry with regulatory experience and provides expert support to TSG’s antimicrobial clients. He reviews projects and develops successful registration strategies, as well as submitting federal registration packages, developing acceptable label claims, and coordinating product testing. He’s also an active member of key industry trade associations. Jonathan has a BSc in Chemistry from Florida State University.

Wendy McCombie, Principal Regulatory Consultant

For nearly 30 years, Wendy has provided regulatory strategies and solutions to the chemical industry. She’s worked with large multinationals and business-to-business companies as well as small business and innovative start-ups. Much of her work has been FIFRA-related, mastering the regulatory framework for pesticide products under EPA’s Registration Division, Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division, and the Antimicrobials Division. Wendy has a BSc in Biology and Chemistry from Gettysburg College.

Manuela Petrisor, Regulatory Consultant

Manuela brings years of experience in consumer and industrial product industries to her new role at TSG. Over the last 10 years, she has developed and executed successful regulatory strategies to ensure products are compliant with chemical regulations. Manuela’s technical and scientific background provides her with in-depth knowledge and understanding of product development lifecycles. She has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from The Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania. 

Perri Moeller, Regulatory Consultant

Perri aids clients with regulatory and compliance activities for antimicrobial products. Before joining TSG, she worked for the US EPA preparing pesticide registrations for FIFRA products. Perri is also well-versed in EPA’s Safer Choice initiative in relation to antimicrobial products. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marine Affairs and Policy, Ecosystem Science and Policy, and is currently an MBA Candidate at the University of Maryland.

US State Services 

Patti Golick, Regulatory Consultant

With extensive experience managing federal and state submissions for entire portfolios of pesticide registrations, Patti now supports our US and Canadian clients. Her previous roles include managing global registration in all US states and PMRA product registrations in Canada. Patti has an Associates of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications, and will begin her MBA in the Fall of 2023.

Luke Cartwright, Team Leader, State Renewals

Luke will be relocating to the US from the UK to head up state renewals in the US. He is currently working as the Central and Eastern Europe Coordinator and leads both commercial and transformation activities. In his new role, Luke will lead TSG’s state renewals team. Prior to joining TSG, Luke held research and consultancy roles with leading agrochemical and environmental organizations. He has a BSc in cell and molecular biology and gained a PhD in Plant Physiology at the University of Sheffield. 

Meet our new team

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