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TSG Consulting reinforces importance of effective substance ID at Biocides Europe

KNARESBOROUGH, UK – 3 December 2019: TSG Consulting, a leading regulatory and scientific consulting organization...
News Press release December 03, 2019

TSG Consulting highlights challenges of navigating US biostimulant regulations at the Biostimulants World Congress

Navigating plant biostimulant regulations in both Europe and the USA can be challenging. While the EU has recently...
News November 18, 2019

Brexit, pesticide efficacy and regulatory requirements for biocidal control products – focus of launch event for TSG’s German office

TSG Consulting formally launched its new offices in Germany on September 25, 2019. Located in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony...
News September 27, 2019

TSG Consulting to provide overview of California state regulation at HCPA’s annual pesticide management workshop

TSG Consulting will provide an overview of California state regulation at the HCPA (Household & Commercial Products...
News September 27, 2019

What are ECHA’s compliance checks and how do they affect REACH compliance?

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently announced that they will be increasing their REACH registration...
News September 04, 2019