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Progress needed to characterise the active agent in biologicals

In the EU, biopesticides are registered under the same regulatory framework as chemical pesticides. The EU’s...
Article June 19, 2018

The challenges of cosmetic product safety assessment – data compilation

The EU Cosmetics Regulation requires that all cosmetic products put on the EU market undergo a robust safety...
Article June 06, 2018

Regulatory challenges of customized cosmetic products

Increasingly, consumers are personalizing their cosmetic products (i.e. choosing ingredients and concentrations)...
Article June 06, 2018

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

Urgent action is needed to ensure food safety and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics. One of the newest members...
Article June 01, 2018

REACH authorisation impacts medical device industry

One of the hot topics impacting the medical device industry this year is REACH authorisation. Whilst certain substances...
Article April 26, 2018