Journal of Regulatory Science publishes US Biostimulant Industry Recommended Guidelines

January 25, 2023

The Journal of Regulatory Science published the United States Biostimulant Industry Recommended Guidelines to Assess the Efficacy, Composition, and Safety of Plant Biostimulant Products. Members of the Biological Product Industry Alliance (BPIA), the Fertilizer Institute’s (TFI) Biostimulant Council, and other stakeholders joined together to devise guidance for biostimulant product claims.

The primary goal of a biostimulant product is to “enhance plant nutritional processes.”  As it currently stands, biostimulant products are not regulated with the same degree of oversight and uniformity as fertilizer or pesticide products because they do not fit into either category. Biostimulant producers provide critically important products to growers but, because of the lack of consistent regulation, are often limited in their uses.  

The guidelines are intended to help companies develop biostimulant product claims that enhance their credibility and ultimately prepare biostimulant producers for future government regulations.

How can TSG help you?

The biostimulants market is growing exponentially as growers are seeking crop production products that are more sustainable in practice. Looking for regulatory support as you navigate the newly published guidelines? Need assistance determining whether your product fits within the biostimulant framework? TSG Consulting can help you bring your biostimulants to market. Get in touch with us for more information: [email protected]

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