State registration and renewals

Obtaining state registrations is a necessary step in bringing your federally registered product to market. Before a pesticide may be offered for sale, the product must be registered in each state where it will be sold.

TSG has a thorough understanding of each state’s processes and deadlines. We can efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of your product registrations; from conception and registration to maintenance and cancellation, thereby saving you time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Our staff have strong working relationships with the state regulators who make the registration decisions, our expertise can help you maximize the number of states in which your product can be sold, increasing your profitability.

TSG can help

TSG provides full product registration and maintenance services. Once a product is registered at the federal and state level, the registrations must be maintained each year, allowing uninterrupted sale. TSG’s state regulatory experts monitor your product’s status, and prepare and submit the documentation required to renew registrations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our services include:

  • Label reviews to ensure compliance with state regulations
  • Strategy assessments to maximize product distribution
  • Monitoring and reporting on state product status year-round
  • Data gap evaluations for California registrations and new active ingredients
  • Providing guidance on state regulation changes that may impact product registration


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