Canada publishes Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations

February 15, 2022

At the beginning of this year, Canada published regulations directing manufacturers and importers of certain products to adhere to concentration limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Certain products include personal care, automotive and household maintenance products, adhesives, adhesive removers, sealants, caulks, and other miscellaneous products.


The Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations were established in early January 2022. Per the regulations, new concentration limits for VOCs were established in roughly 130 product categories. A detailed list of the categories can be found in the above regulations.

Important elements

Under the regulations, manufacturers are forbidden from developing or importing products that exceed VOC concentration limits in the relevant category. If necessary, the regulations offer 3 alternative approaches for compliance. Alternatives include:

  • Permit – technical or economic non-feasibility
  • Permit – product whose use results in lower VOC emissions
  • VOC Compliance Unit Trading System

Although published this year, regulations will not be enforced until 1 January 2023, providing companies with time to apply for permits or participate in the VOC compliance unit trading system.

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