France publishes new order for the marketing of fertilisers and growing media

May 07, 2020

The French Minister for Agriculture and Food has published a new order establishing the content of application dossiers for marketing authorisations and permits for fertilisers, fertiliser additives and cultivation substrates. The Order of 1 April 2020 supersedes the regulation of 21 December 1998 and provides new requirements for the content of dossiers (both administrative and technical). It also addresses the conditions to set up experimental permits.

The new regulation is supported by an opinion released by ANSES, the agency responsible for the assessment of fertiliser dossiers in France, in August 2019. In it, ANSES specified a list of trials and studies required in order to register a fertiliser, including biostimulants. Following publication of the Order of 1 April 2020, ANSES has published an explanatory note, as well as an updated application form reflecting the new requirements.

The documents (mostly in French), can be downloaded via the following links:

ANSES is accepting the submission of applications under the previous provisions until 8 July 2020, in order to allow applicants time to implement the new provisions.

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