Upcoming deadlines for AIR and plant protection product renewals under Article 43

April 09, 2019

We are anticipating a number of AIR III active substances to be renewed in the coming months, namely isoxaflutole, tolcofos-methyl, carvone and dimethenamid-P.

The renewal process can be lengthy and complex. Therefore, companies are advised to start preparing now for renewal of products containing these actives in order to continue to market their products in the European Union (EU) after the deadline.

For instance, methoxyfenozide has recently been renewed for indoor use and action will be needed in the next three months to keep products on the market.

AIR IV Renewals

38 active substances have dossier deadlines in 2020 including metaldehyde, paclobutrazol, diclofop and fenazaquin.

AIR V Renewals

6 active substances have application deadlines in 2019 and a further 18 in 2020. In addition, there are 14 active substance dossier deadlines in 2020. These include isopyrazam, lambda-cyhalothrin, metsulfuron-methyl and esfenvalerate.

How can TSG help?

Our team of consultants has many years of experience from the perspective of both industry and regulators and are thus ideally placed to assist clients in navigating the Plant Protection Product Regulation from active substance applications to gaining product registrations throughout the EU.

Whatever your needs, our experienced team at TSG can assist you through all stages in the active substance or product renewal process including:

  • Strategic advice
  • Confirming data requirements
  • Setting up and monitoring field and laboratory studies
  • Preparation and submission of dossiers and supporting documentation
  • Ongoing support during the evaluation process


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