US EPA finalizes rule requiring health and safety data reporting for fifty chemicals

July 07, 2021

On 29 June 2021, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requiring manufacturers and importers of 50 chemicals to report data from certain unpublished health and safety studies. The fifty chemicals added to the TSCA section 8(d) Health and Safety Data Reporting Rule as a result of this action include: twenty chemicals designated by EPA as “high-priority” substances currently undergoing risk evaluation under TSCA; and thirty organohalogen flame retardants being evaluated for health risks by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Additionally, this rule requires manufacturers to submit unpublished studies on environmental effects and occupational, general population, and consumer exposure for these chemicals.

To read the full final rule, including the added fifty chemicals, click here.

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