TSG Consulting has been actively assessing the proposed changes to the Brexit-driven regulatory landscape, as it applies to REACH, plant protection products and biocides. 

Our team of regulatory experts is on-hand to guide you through the changes to the regulations, whatever the Brexit scenario.

The United Kingdom (UK) triggered Article 50 on 29 March 2017, which started the two-year, time-limited procedure for withdrawal from the European Union (EU), commonly known as Brexit. Both the EU and the UK have been organising for an orderly withdrawal but they have also created contingency plans for a disorderly exit.

Both Brexit scenarios will modify regulations over both territories and an orderly exit suggests more time for companies to adapt to these changes. Either way, Brexit means that companies will need to take action in order to stay compliant with regulation in the EU and the UK. However, as long as the negotiations between the EU and the UK continue, the specific requirements may change.

TSG Consulting has been actively assessing the proposed changes to the chemical regulation landscape. Specifically, we have investigated what impact the differing Brexit scenarios will have on Biocides, Plant Protection and REACH regulations, both in the EU and the UK. We are in a strong position to advise our clients on the actions that they may need to take in order to stay compliant.

With respect to REACH, as well as advising clients on strategic planning, TSG can offer Only Representative services both in the EU and the UK though our long-established offices in both territories.

In addition, TSG can help clients to meet their regulatory obligations in the event that the UK switches from EU regulations and establishes its own legislation. 

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