Webinar: Data sharing for UK REACH

Broadcast: Wednesday 24 November 2021

Duration: 60 minutes

Chaired by Christoph Katz from EPPA and delivered by TSG Consulting's John Albaya, TSG's webinar gives an overview of data sharing for UK REACH. 

To minimize disruption when UK REACH came into force, the UK government enacted transitional ‘Grandfathering’ submissions and Downstream User Import Notification (DUINs). However, new or complete registrations will be required 2, 4 or 6 years from 28 October 2021, depending on the relevant criteria. These registrations will need to contain or cite existing data, much of it generated for EU REACH.

Watch our webinar to gain an overview of data sharing under UK REACH – the current position of the UK on data submission, how and when it will take place, and what to consider when buying or selling data access.

Topics covered

  • An introduction to UK REACH
  • An overview of the ongoing transitional registrations
  • How to prepare a complete registration
  • What to consider when organising data sharing
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