Webinar - UK REACH for Non-GB Companies: Maintaining access to the GB Market through an Only Representative

Date: Tuesday 23 March 2021

Time: 14.00 – 15.00 GMT

Registration: Free


Join TSG experts at the ‘UK REACH for Non-GB companies’ webinar where attendees will learn how to maintain access to the GB market through an Only Representative

The UK REACH regulation requires substances imported into Great Britain (GB) in quantities of greater than one tonne per annum to be registered with the UK Health and Safety Executive. Companies based outside GB can appoint an Only Representative (OR) to undertake the notifications and registrations on their behalf.

Join TSG’s webinar on 23 March 2021 to learn about the role that an Only Representative can have in your company’s supply chain, how they can help your market access and the costs for compliance.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to UK REACH
  • What is an Only Representative (OR) and why is one needed for UK REACH?
  • Considerations when selecting an OR
  • How to manage an OR and associated costs?

From this webinar you will

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the UK REACH compliance, OR services and how you can manage costs most efficiently
  • Participate in a Q&A session

Who should attend?

  • Persons responsible for chemicals compliance
  • Customer managers
  • Sales teams

Meet the presenters

Dr Steven Brennan is Head of Industrial & Specialty Chemicals (ISC) team, specialising in developing and managing REACH projects and services. Steven has a degree and a PhD in Chemistry from Queens University of Belfast.

Dr Karen Cooksey is a Senior Chemicals & REACH Consultant, providing clients with assistance and advice on REACH in Europe and the UK. Karen has a degree and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Leeds.

Dr Garry Dix is a Chemicals & REACH Consultant specialising in REACH requirements and associated compliance activities. Garry has a BSc in Biology, a PostGrad Diploma in Medical Toxicology and a Doctorate in Health Studies.

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