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At TSG Consulting, we understand the critical importance of seed licenses for businesses selling seeds in the United States. These licenses are not only mandatory but also play a vital role in ensuring that seeds meet quality standards and are properly labeled. Our team of regulatory experts specializes in navigating the complex landscape of state-level requirements, providing comprehensive solutions for seed registration, renewals and reporting.

The challenge: State-level variability

Managing seed registration, renewals and reporting can be a daunting task due to the unique requirements set by each state. Here’s why it’s challenging:

Diverse state requirements: Every state has its own specific rules regarding data, labeling, and registration. While some states allow a general license to cover all seeds, others mandate individual registration for each seed product.

Expiration cycles and licensing: Expiration cycles for registration and licensing vary across states. Additionally, the frequency and format of tonnage reporting can differ significantly.

Ever-changing regulations: States frequently update their requirements, sometimes quietly. Keeping up with these changes is essential for compliance.

Our solution: Expertise and efficiency

At TSG Consulting, we simplify the seed renewal process for you. Here’s how:

Comprehensive management: We handle the entire process, from monitoring deadlines to submission. Whether you need assistance with specific aspects or end-to-end management, we’ve got you covered.

Insights from regulatory experts: Our team of seasoned regulatory experts understands the nuances of state requirements. We ensure that your seed licenses are renewed efficiently and accurately.

Custom-built database: Our proprietary database streamlines the monitoring and management of renewal deadlines and requirements across all 50 states. Say goodbye to manual tracking and paperwork!

Why choose TSG Consulting?

Risk mitigation: Critical renewal months can be challenging due to staff turnover. By partnering with TSG, you reduce the risk associated with staffing changes during crucial periods. We ensure continuity and expertise.

Administrative relief: Our services take the administrative burden off your finance staff. Processing hundreds, if not thousands of state fees can be time-consuming and complex. Let us handle it efficiently, allowing your team to focus on core tasks.

Cost savings: Compared to in-house management, outsourcing to TSG lowers costs. Our streamlined processes and specialized knowledge lead to cost-effective solutions.

At TSG Consulting, we’re more than an external service provider. We become an extension of your in-house team, easing seed registration, renewals and reporting work. Contact us today to explore how we can support your compliance needs.

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TSG provides companies with high-quality regulatory and scientific consulting services. We aim to understand our clients' goals and objectives, learn the scientific and technical aspects of projects and anticipate compliance challenges to plan a strategic path forward. TSG's team of experts is deadline-focused, responsive and committed to professionalism. We have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of our work, strong project management skills, and take great measure to cultivate long-term partnerships with clients.

Our professionals

Our state services and renewals team is here to assist with all aspects of state registrations, renewals and reporting for seeds in the US. Led by Luke Cartwright, our team of experts specialize in the registration and ongoing compliance of seeds, as well as pesticides, fertilizers and animal feed. Taylor Metts-Houston, our dedicated account manager, works alongside Luke to provide exceptional support to our valued seed clients.

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