TSG Consulting's Spanish base is in Oviedo, Spain. The Spanish office is part of TSG Consulting, a European network created to facilitate the registration of phytosanitary products and biocides, authorizations and/or notifications (generically called approvals) throughout Europe. The office covers countries or Member States of the EU in southern Europe.

The EU Regulations determine the procedures for obtaining product authorization. However, Member States tend to request different administrative and regulatory requirements. The multiplicity of these requirements and their continuous change can represent a logistical challenge for companies wishing to market their products in the EU market. We are the right company to interpret regional and national needs in order to obtain authorization for the products. The knowledge of languages, the culture of the different countries as well as the technical experience has contributed, to a large extent, to the success of this company in all European territories.

TSG Consulting, with offices throughout Europe, supports the Spanish office with scientific and regulatory specialists. We believe that the combination of centralized scientific knowledge together with local product authorization services represents a very effective, logical and profitable service for the chemical and biological products industry.

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Avenida de Galicia, 22, 1° Izda.
33005 Oviedo

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