BPR: 5 steps to correct substance ID

February 04, 2020

The significance of correct substance identification under the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 (BPR) is often underestimated. However, inaccuracies can cause knock-on effects on other parts of the dossier and subsequent processes. In our recent webinar, Steven Buchanan, former ECHA Scientific Officer, identified five key steps that companies can take to ensure correct substance ID. Read on to understand why substance ID is so important and to find out Steven’s key steps.

What is substance identity and why is it important under the BPR?

The BPR is applicable to all products that are intended to be marketed as biocidal products in Europe. Determining an accurate substance identity is vital as it forms the basis of each BPR dossier. The dossier itself communicates any hazards and associated risks regarding the active substance and associated biocidal products. When substances are correctly identified in the dossier, this can facilitate data sharing which ultimately helps avoid unnecessary animal testing and costs.

5 tips for getting your substance identity right

  1. Review the identity of your substance as soon as possible
  2. Ensure up-to-date ECHA guidance has been considered
  3. Discuss and cross reference with parties who have the same substance as you
  4. Engage with trade associations and industry bodies
  5. Engage ECHA / Member State Competent Authorities to help determine if your substance identity is correct

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TSG Consulting has extensive regulatory expertise and experience in reviewing registration dossiers for BPR, REACH and CLP regulations. Our team of regulatory specialists and scientists can review your substance ID, substance and product data and provide advice throughout the various regulatory processes.

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