Meet the professionals – April Spotlight – Rachel Hardie & Gareth Marshall

Meet Rachel Hardie, Regulatory Consultant, and Gareth Marshall, Senior Plant Protection Consultant. Rachel and Gareth are conventional and biopesticide regulatory experts with knowledge spanning across the US, UK, and EU.

About Rachel

Rachel specializes in supporting the registration of pesticides for compliance with EPA’s Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) with an emphasis on conventional and biopesticide products. Her experience spans from compiling submissions for new registrations, amendments, and notifications to strategy development, data call-in responses, and data compensation. With a background in chemistry, Rachel serves as a Regulatory Consultant on TSG’s US federal team.

About Gareth

With a degree in environmental sciences and geography, Gareth has spent the bulk of his career coordinating multidisciplinary projects for plant protection product authorizations in both Government and consultancy roles. Gareth has valuable experience working overseas in collaboration with numerous EU Competent Authorities, assisting and developing regulatory procedures to align with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009. Gareth serves as a Senior Consultant specializing in plant protection for TSG’s European team.

Rachel and Gareth are used to the everchanging nature of the regulatory world. Their work can look different week-to-week as regulations, circumstances, and supply chain needs change. Naturally, there is a degree of uncertainty to the job, but it’s this same uncertainty that keeps them, motivated, challenged, and engaged day in and day out.

“The loss of many conventional molecules makes way for new and exciting developments in the bioprotectant space. The motivation for the entire plant protection team is to provide expertise that safeguards human and environmental health. There is demand not only for more food, but also greater diversity. These are the challenges we set our minds to every day,” shared Gareth. Despite being on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Rachel and Gareth share similar sentiments about the nature of their work. “The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving,” explained Rachel, “which means I am learning new things daily. Each project comes with its own set of challenges and our clients look to us to develop a registration strategy that’s as unique as their products.”

How can Rachel and Gareth help you?

Together, Rachel and Gareth provide global expertise on conventional pesticides and the plant protection industry. So, whether you’re trying to understand EPA’s regulatory requirements for conventional pesticide registration in the US or need support with a new active substance dossier in the EU, Rachel and Gareth are ready to help you. Looking to get in touch? Contact us at [email protected] to schedule an informal chat.

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