Meet the professionals – January spotlight

January 07, 2022

Meet Kelly Rahn, Vice President of State Affairs and Head of TSG California, based out of Sacramento.

Kelly leads an important sector of TSG’s work – state affairs. With the experience gained from working for over 30 years in the pesticide industry combined with her scientific background in chemistry, Kelly assists our clients with all aspects of state regulation. These include: navigating the complex data requirements imposed by California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) and other state regulatory bodies; resolving labeling and efficacy issues for biostimulants, pesticide devices and minimum risk pesticides; developing economically beneficial data compensation strategies; and maintaining valuable registrations for hundreds of clients through deadline management for product registrations, license renewals and tonnage reporting. Given her proximity and expertise in state regulation, Kelly has strong working relationships with CDPR and is a member of the Western Plant Health Association.

TSG offers a variety of state services, but often, the greatest challenge among the regulated community is handling the routine renewal process. Kelly shared that she often hears clients struggle to manage staff time and resources since the renewals process is ultimately a seasonal business.  “Staff leave for many reasons,” explains Kelly. “Clients have indicated that it is difficult to keep long-term staff in positions responsible for routine administrative work as they often seek more challenging responsibilities. Turnover adds uncertainty and inconsistency to a business as well as creating a risk that substandard performance will result in non-compliance. Additionally, hiring new personnel and training cuts down on productivity. TSG provides continuity and mitigates risk by shifting these concerns to us. It also allows companies to redeploy resources to other important matters that bring benefit to the company.”

When we asked Kelly about the favorite part of her role, she said that the job can often be a matter of finding a way to make a square peg fit in a round hole. “Delivering resolutions for issues that clients believe to be unsolvable keeps me and my team motivated,” explains Kelly. “In most cases, the regulatory framework we are required to work within was established long ago and does not account for modern product innovations. Our team puts a great deal of effort into developing regulatory solutions to enable clients to get their products to market.”

How can Kelly and the rest of TSG help you

It may only be January, but the renewal process for state registrations will be here before you know it. At a time when resources are tight, staff turnover is high, and job openings continue to grow, Kelly and the rest of her team are well-equipped to take the burden of processing state renewals off your company’s hands. 

Likewise, as the market for biostimulants, amending materials, feed, fertilizers, and pet food continues to grow at a rapid pace and TSG’s state team specializes in obtaining product registrations for each of these sector groups. Regulatory frameworks, labeling requirements, and allowable claims vary state-by-state and TSG’s State Affairs team has the expertise to guide your company through the many obstacles.

Thinking you may need to consult an expert for assistance? TSG has the knowledge and expertise to assist and guide you through obtaining and maintaining your product registrations. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for an informal chat.

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