Biostimulants World Congress

Biostimulants help support the natural nutrition processes of a plant’s lifecycle, which in turn helps to boost its growth, development, and...
Event 18 November, 2019

Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program Workshop

The workshop will be a how-to for the industry to register fertilizing materials in California. The first day of the workshop encourages attendees to...
Event 13 November, 2019

HCPA’s CPSC From A-Z and…Beyond

Are you aware of the various regulatory requirements imposed upon consumer products? How about how those requirements that can impact your business...
Event 29 October, 2019

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM)

TSG Consulting will be exhibiting at the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM), Basel, Switzerland. Visit booth #44 and meet our regulatory...
Event 21 October, 2019

Biocides Congress Lyon

The Biocides Congress is an event delivered in French for the biocide industry: manufacturers or distributors, supermarkets and consultants. To find...
Event 09 October, 2019

About Science Group

Science Group is an international science, engineering and technology (“SET”) business providing a range of services to the medical, defence, industrial, food & beverage and consumer sectors, supplemented by a strategic products division where the Group holds leading market positions in associated technology sectors.