Pesticide devices: how to navigate US regulations and substantiate claims

In the US, antimicrobial pesticide device registration is mostly unknown territory as there is no federal registration requirement and states each...
Event 15 April, 2020

Food Contact Regulations USA

TSG’s Senior Scientific Consultant Leslie Patton will be attending the 2020 Food Contact Regulations meeting in Washington, D.C. Food Contact...
Event 09 March, 2020

7th Annual Crop Protection Conference

The amended EU General Food Law and the imminent arrival of the finalised Annex III to Regulation 1107/2009 of prohibited co-formulants are going to...
Event 04 March, 2020

29th German Conference on Weed Biology and Weed Control

TSG Consulting will be attending the 29th German Conference on Weed Biology and Weed Control in Braunschweig, Germany. Our consultants Melina Henne...
Event 03 March, 2020

BPIA 2020 Annual Meeting and Symposium

TSG’s Vice President of State Affairs, Kelly Rahn, and Regulatory Consultant Megan Priest will be attending the meeting in March. The BPIA spring...
Event 02 March, 2020

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