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Put more emphasis on inert ingredients to streamline pesticide registration

In this whitepaper our Head of Federal Affairs, Abigail Wacek, explains how to identify inert ingredients and ascertain...
News May 05, 2023

Four tips for managing regulatory roadblocks from our experts

‘I want to develop the right data the first time, but how do you know what’s right?’ Engage with a microbiologist...
News May 02, 2023

EU BPR: Preservative approvals are on the horizon, and it’s time to get ready

In-can preservatives are key ingredients for avoiding spoilage of products. Added to mainly water-based products that...
News April 17, 2023

Video: Ask the experts episode 2, part 2 – Efficacy requirements associated with pesticide devices

Kelly Rahn, Julie Ownbey, and Milady Brutofsky dive into the efficacy requirements associated with pesticide devices...
News April 14, 2023

Quats: have you started working on your BPR dossier?

Quats have a variety of uses in biocidal products, ranging from hard surface disinfection, to algaecides for water...
News April 05, 2023