Megan Priest, BS

Regulatory Consultant


+1 (202) 828 8954

Megan Priest has ten years of experience in pesticide regulation. She specializes in the registration and ongoing compliance of pesticides, with an emphasis on antimicrobials. Megan has substantial experience with EPA pesticide regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) and assists clients with developing strategies to navigate US regulatory requirements.

Megan has expertise in overseeing the federal registration and maintenance of various types of pesticides including antimicrobial, conventional, and biopesticide pesticides. Her expertise includes determining data requirements, creating and amending product labels, registering and maintaining pesticide producing establishments, preparing formulation changes, and other aspects of registering and maintaining pesticide registrations. She is also extremely skilled in using complex databases including the National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPRIS) to gather information on registered products or products currently awaiting registration.

Megan has a BS in Biology from Marshall University.

Professional Memberships and Certifications

Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA), Member

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