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EPA proposes Significant New Use Rule for the manufacturing or processing of 330 inactive PFAS

As it stands, companies are only required to submit a notification if they should choose to manufacture, import, or...
Advisory Advisory Sustainability February 09, 2023

Journal of Regulatory Science publishes US Biostimulant Industry Recommended Guidelines

The primary goal of a biostimulant product is to “enhance plant nutritional processes.”  As it currently...
Advisory Advisory Sustainability January 25, 2023

Amazon features products under EPA’s Design for the Environment through their Climate Pledge Friendly Program

To be eligible for the DfE program, disinfectant products must meet specific requirements for ingredients, efficacy...
Advisory Advisory Sustainability December 07, 2022

Revised Guidance Document for New Substances Notification Regulations for Chemicals and Polymers

This new document replaces the 2005 Guideline and has been prepared to assist notifiers responsible for complying with...
Advisory Advisory December 02, 2022

EPA triggers EVP Policy in response to recent Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Background According to the CDC, Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe...
Advisory Advisory October 26, 2022
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