Webinar – Substance ID and BPR

Substance Identification (ID) is important for hazard and risk communication, establishing whether two or more compositions are the same, and for...
Event 17 December, 2019


On the last day, December 11, join TSG’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Erin Tesch, as she discusses FIFRA, The Federal Insecticide...
Event 08 December, 2019

Inert Ingredient Petitions – Webinar

Petitioning inert ingredients can become a lengthy and expensive process if not strategized correctly. Not only do inert ingredients have to be...
Event 05 December, 2019

Biocides Europe 2019

Biocides Europe focuses on key aspects of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 concerning the approval of active substances and authorisation of biocidal...
Event 03 December, 2019

2019 Cosmetics Conference: Addressing the challenges of the EU Cosmetic Regulation

The conference, organised by TSGE Forum will consider the ongoing challenges facing the cosmetics industry as it continues to adapt to the legal...
Event TSG Forum event 03 December, 2019

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