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Meet the professionals – April Spotlight – Rachel Hardie & Gareth Marshall

Meet Rachel Hardie, Regulatory Consultant, and Gareth Marshall, Senior Plant Protection Consultant. Rachel and Gareth...
Article April 26, 2022

Looking to diversify your portfolio in the conventional pesticide marketplace? Look no further

Because of TSG’s mix of scientists, regulatory experts, and past industry and government experience, our consultants...
Article April 05, 2022

Registering conventionals in Canada looks different than in the US

One may already expect it, but the process for registering conventional pesticides in Canada looks different than it...
Article March 22, 2022

Meet the professionals – March Spotlight – Amanda Phelka, Leslie Patton, & Ailsa Jackson

This month we are excited to feature three of TSG’s principal toxicologists – Dr Amanda Phelka, Dr Leslie Patton...
Article March 18, 2022

Meet the professionals – January spotlight

Kelly leads an important sector of TSG’s work – state affairs. With the experience gained from working for over 30...
Article January 07, 2022