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Major players’ R&D leaders collaborate to help land net zero ambitions

R&D and science and technology leadership from Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Mars as well as packaging...
News July 11, 2022

TSG welcomes Milady “Millie” Brutofsky & Perri Moeller to the team

About Millie Millie joins TSG with over 22 years of experience as a microbiologist for the antimicrobial industry in...
News July 01, 2022

Cosmetics and the Product Information File (PIF): avoid the pitfalls of not planning early for the safety assessment

What are some of the common issues you find when companies haven’t undertaken the safety assessment before placing...
News June 09, 2022

Kelly Rahn joins HCPA’s Pest Management Division Board

Members of HCPA’s Pest Management Division manufacture, formulate, and market consumer, industrial and institutional...
News May 26, 2022

Impurities – the ‘pest’ in pesticides

What are impurities? Impurities are defined as something that renders something else impure, a contaminant, an inferior...
News May 17, 2022