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The General Food Law (GFL) comes into force on 27 March 2021. Companies should use the time available to prepare for the new requirements and be GFL Ready.

TSG’s experienced plant protection regulatory consultants are on-hand to help ensure a smooth compliance process.

GFL Online Training – 16 July 2020

TSG’s plant protection regulatory experts will take you through the GFL legislation in detail, giving you a clear understanding of how your business can prepare for the amended regulation. 

GFL Diagnostic

We’ll undertake an analysis of your business to ensure it is GFL ready and compliant. We’ll provide guidance on regulatory study management, regulatory trade secrets and manufacturing and supply chain.

General Food Law Tailored Training

Covering the same fundamentals as our seminar, we’ll drill down into the specifics for your company. We’ll cover transparency, trade secrets, study notification and more.

Under the GFL, confidential business information and trade secrets will now be a privilege and not a right as they are today. If a company loses a trade secret in Europe, it will lose it globally.

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