TSG Consulting is contributing to the European network to facilitate the registration, authorization or notification (generic name approval) of plant protection products and biocidal products in Hungary. The countries or Eastern European Union Member States are covered by the Slovenian branch office, and Hungarian requests are addressed by Emília Kotrusz Búriová, previously a worker of the Slovak Biocide Authority.

The EU regulations define the procedures for approving the products. However, Member States need to comply with different administrative and regulatory requirements. Many of these requirements and their continuous change can be a logistics challenge for companies that want to market their products on the EU market. We are ideally suited to interpret regional and national requirements for approval of products in Hungary. Language, knowledge, culture and technical expertise contribute to the highly successful global business of TSG Consulting.

TSG Consulting, with offices throughout Europe, supports Hungarian cover with scientific and regulatory professionals. We believe that the combination of centralized scientific expertise and local product approval services is a very clear, logical and cost-effective service for the chemical and biological industries.

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